Recommended Canon T7i bundle accessories

Canon T7i bundle

Professional photographers are using the latest DSLR cameras like the Canon T7i to take high quality photos and make videos of various events. To get the best quality photos , it is also necessary to have quality Canon T7i bundle accessories. While a wide range of accessories are available, ranging from lens, zooms to shutter remote controls are available, the most essential accessories are listed below.


A photographer has to take a large number of photos, and make videos, due to which the battery may get exhausted quickly. Hence it is recommended that he carries one or more additional charged batteries, so that the photography and video filming work is not interrupted

Memory card

Videos can take up a lot of space on the memory card, and there is also a possibility that the memory card will get corrupted. Hence the photography should carry at least a few memory cards of 32 GB or more, so that he can easily replace the memory cards in case of any problems.


In many areas the lighting may not be sufficient to get proper videos and photos, hence it is necessary to use the best lens available for your Canon T7i. Although you might have bought the lens kit included in the bundle having extra specialized can be indispensable.

Canon T7i lenses

Some of the best Canon T7i lenses will make you look like a professional photographer. It should be possible to adjust the power level for the flash and also rotate the lens vertically and horizontally


The tripod is another accessory which is high recommended for those taking photos, since it will ensure that high quality photos are taken. The payload of the tripod should be checked, so that it can carry the weight of the Canon T7i. It should be also possible to rotate the tripod in the direction required.

Cleaning kit

The lens of the camera may become dirty after some time because of dust, spillages, or other reasons. Hence to keep the lens clean, a cleaning kit should be used, to remove the dirt on the lens without damaging or scratching the lens.

Inside the Nikon D3300 bundle

If you have a great interest in photography then a Nikon D3300 camera that is bundled with all the needed accessories could be ideal for you.

Nikon D3300 bundles

As your hobby, photography may be costly, so it’s critical to do a research and come up with a spending plan when buying to evade unnecessary costs for your Nikon D3300 camera gear. Nikon D3300 bundles are an awesome method to spare cash, however, you need to know what to search for to get the best out of your buys.

After you get the camera you want, now it’s time to look at accessories. Important of all you should get yourself a camera bag or camera case — this is especially good if you plan on taking your camera with you everywhere you go and you want to keep it safe. Even though your camera will come with a lens cover, it’s still a good idea to store your camera when not in use, as there are other parts of the camera that can get ruined from dust.

Nikon D3300 bundle accessories

Next, you should take a look at tripods. These are great if you plan on doing a lot of still photography and you don’t want the picture to come out blurry. When a photo is taken and even a small amount of movement comes from your body, the picture is always going to come out blurry. It doesn’t matter if you have the noise reducer on or off or the macro on or off. The camera can only do so much for you! Tripods are three-legged stands that you place your camera on and lock into place. Then, the camera is safely secure and you can take photos without causing blurriness. There are also newer tripods with two legs and four legs as well, and they come in various brands, colors, designs and types of materials.

Between the GoPro Hero5 and Hero6 black Camera which is better ?

GoPro’s the manufacturer of the some of the best action cameras, the GoPro Hero6 Black, offers numerous huge improvement over the past best model, the Hero5 Black.

However, with the more established model still accessible to purchase, which display is most appropriate to you?

The two cameras may appear to be identical, yet there are a lot of changes in between.

It’s advisable we investigate the distinction between the GoPro Hero5 Black vs Hero6 Black.

GoPro deals

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New Processor

The GoPro Hero6 Black is basically an improved Hero5 Black with a speedier interior processor which empowers increased performance and new capacities.

Video Stabilization

The enhanced perfomance of the GP1 processor conveys enhanced digital video adjustment quality when contrasted with the Hero5 Black, keeping video film smoother in rougher conditions.

3x Faster Wi-Fi

Since 5GHz Wi-Fi now bolstered by the Hero6 Black, the new camera guarantees wireless offloading up to three times the Hero5 speed. This is incredible for high-volume users who need to return to shooting video as fast as possible.

Speedier QuickStories

GoPro’s ‘QuickStories’ highlight is likewise enormously upgraded by the GP1 which conveys further developed vision and machine learning abilities. The element, which consequently changes raw film into completed videos in conjunction with a cell phone application, now keeps running up to 3x quicker on the Hero6 because of the speedier Wi-Fi and the enhanced picture examination from the GP1.

New Video Resolutions

GoPro hero 5 black

Both the Hero5 Black and the new Hero6 Black utilize 12-megapixel sensors supporting different video resolutions up to 4K and down to 720p, yet the Hero6 Black bolsters upgraded frame rates in all modes.

Picture Quality Improvements

Despite the fact that catch resolutions on the two models remain generally the same, the GoPro Hero6 Black conveys a huge boost in picture quality over the GoPro Hero5 Black.

Dimensions, Physical design, Waterproofing and Battery

With such a large number of changes in the hood, the Hero6 Black is shockingly like the past model although it has been improved, dimensions, battery, and physical design might be the same.

While you’d be unable to reveal which one is the best between GoPro Hero5 Black vs Hero6 Black without a careful and thorough examination, the Hero6 Black is a better redesign over the Hero5 Black as far as features, speed and image quality.

My Nikon D3400 Bundle Review

Nikon D3400 is a powerful entry-level camera that professional photographers can use to get crispy images that can be eventually be printed to bigger prints. The size and the weight of this APS-C sensor camera make it one of the lightest cameras on entry-level and therefore more appropriate either for day-to-day shooting, professional or by hobbyists. Purchasing Nikon D3400 can be done either by buying the body only or by buying the camera with other accessories including cameras, extra batteries, lens, and sometimes-extra memory cards.

Nikon D3400

Nikon D3400 bundle is a money saver. Buying a gear alone without accessories sounds cheaper, but it is the expensive way out. When all the accessories are purchased together with the camera body, the customer saves money. Camera accessories when bought separately are relatively costly and therefore buying the complete Nikon D3400 settles the purchasing circles finally and therefore channels that time to shooting.

The D3400 bundle includes memory cards. Memory cards if not of high quality can distract the photographer’s thought process and in the end not produce excellent images. The memory cards purchased with the camera gives assurance of quality. These accessories also include batteries. Batteries, like memory cards, contribute to the quality of work. When these important accessories are of good quality, the photographer saves time from going back to purchasing cycle.

The bundle in most cases also include camera lens. These Nikon D3400 best lenses are the most expensive accessories in the photography world especially when purchased as single items. In most cases, cameras come with kit lenses, which in the end limit the photographer. However, if the Nikon D3400 is bought as a bundle, the additional lenses not only saves money but gives the photographer a more comprehensive choice while shooting and expands the photographer’s scope of work without necessarily going back to the stores for another set of lenses.

It is therefore important to consider buying Nikon D3400 as a bundle to save money and time and more importantly to find photography niche quickly.

Nikon D3300 Lenses for Portrait Photography You Need To Have

The Nikon D3300 DSLR is an excellent choice of gear especially in taking stunning portraits. This ability can be enhanced by a good selection of the lens to complement the 24.2 MP DX-format sensor. There is a big range of “F” type of Nikon lens, but not all can give perfect results in portraits.

Nikon D3300 lenses

The basic Nikon D3300 package comes with a kit lens, which is 18-55mm, F3.5-5.6 and can limit the photographer in taking better pictures. When choosing the best lens for Nikon D3300, the F-stop ability should be a priority. A prime lens, made with less glass compared to a zoom lens, gives crispy portraits. Portraits lens compatible with Nikon D3300 are diverse and ranges regarding price and light capabilities.

For incredible portraits, 50mmf/1.8G is the best choice. The lens is affordable compared to other prime lens but gives almost the same results. What it has is made of less glass, and this makes portraits crispier and sharper in comparison with a zoom lens. Pictures are more attractive when sharper than even before post-processing.

The f-stop of 50mm helps in making the picture stand out. The camera can exclude everything else in the frame when composing the shot to give an excellent creamy background, which in the case of another lens with a higher f-stop would yield a poorly composed shot. The f-stop also gives beautiful and smooth bokeh, which provides portraits with a good feeling.

This lens can shoot good portraits in poor lit rooms without unnecessary grain. This capability means therefore that the camera can shoot at a faster shutter speed without necessarily raising the ISO value of the Nikon D3300 to more than ISO 400. Other feature of 50mmf/1.8G that makes it the best portrait lens for Nikon D3300 include the fact that it is lighter and easy to carry around in the portrait session.

The alternative lens is the 85 mm f/1.8G which is a prime lens. It is relatively expensive compared to 50mm f/1.8G but still gives almost the same results as 50mm f/1.8G. The lens is also compatible with a wide range of Nikon camera bodies.

Nikon D3300 essential accessories

Having a great lens is good but you should consider other Nikon D3300 accessories for more flexibility: