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Drop by our Colchester veterinarian clinic for leading certified doctors, and receive the best medical treatment for your animals and pets.


Dedicated Staff

Dedicated vets at our veterinarian clinic perform an extensive range of veterinary services for pets, birds, and wild animals.


24/7 Emergency Vet Care

Proud to be the best emergency veterinary hospital in Colchester  offering 24/7 pet care services.


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Visit our Colchester veterinarian clinic for top rated pet care and veterinary services.

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For over 12 years Stargate Dog & Animal Vets Colchester certified vet team has been keeping pets healthy. Stargate Dog & Animal Vets Colchester is a known name and acclaimed for its exceptional pet health, care, and welfare of animals. Our committed vets treat every animal and pet as if it were our own. We offer you all the vet health care services available, thereby ensuring your pet's health and longevity. Our Veterinarian Clinic remains open for all appointments with contactless consultations to ensure the safety of your pets. Whether your pet needs 24/7 emergency veterinary treatment or specialist animal health care, we can help. Our Stargate Dog & Animal Vets Colchester doctors and staff have decades of proficiency in animal medicine, resulting in an amazing experience for your pet.

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Our Veterinary Services in Colchester

veterinary animal hospital Colchester
emergency vets in Colchester

Colchester Emergency Vet

Colchester Emergency Vet

24-hour animal care with an emergency vet in Colchester and top rated veterinary specialists.
Colchester animal hospital

Colchester Animal Hospital

Colchester Animal Hospital

Best rated veterinary animal care to pets by a 24-hour animal hospital in Colchester.
Bird Vet in Colchester

Bird Vet in Colchester

Bird Vet in Colchester

Get in touch with proficient bird vets in Colchester for consultancy and pet care for birds.
dog dentist in Colchester

Colchester Dog Dentist

Colchester Dog Dentist

Stop dog dental issues with dog dentists in Colchester by a complete examination of your dog's mouth.
 vet for dog vaccination in Colchester

Dog Vaccinations in Colchester

Dog Vaccinations in Colchester

Guard dogs from ill health with dog vaccinations in Colchester.
leading animal vets in Colchester

Pet Euthanasia in Colchester

Pet Euthanasia in Colchester

Ease your incurable pet by acquiring Pet Euthanasia services in Colchester.
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what makes Stargate Dog & Animal Vets Colchester different

We provide 24 hour vet emergency services and concentrated care. We also have specialist referral services, treatment, surgery, and diagnostic imaging.


Professional Colchester Vet Staff You Can Trust

Stargate Dog & Animal Vets Colchester is home to certified Colchester vet staff with expertise in small animals, birds, and wild pets.

24/7 Emergency Vet Center in Colchester

We welcome all pets at our Colchester Veterinarian Clinic. You can bring your pet to our 24/7 emergency vet center for treatment.

High Standard of Veterinary Care in Colchester

Stargate Dog & Animal Vets Colchester is one of the most trusted veterinary clinics in Colchester. We provide the highest standard of veterinary care that everyone's pet deserves.

Competent Medical Pet Care in Colchester

Our animal health care team at Stargate Dog & Animal Vets Colchester always provides education, instruction, and comfort to ensure your pet has the happiest and healthiest life.

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Best Veterinary Center Colchester


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Happy Clients

Contact Our Certified Vet Doctors At Our Colchester Veterinarian Clinic. We Provide Top Notch Care To Your Dog, Cat or Any Other Pet. As A Trusted Veterinary Care Center And Veterinary Medical Center, We Offer Our Amazing Veterinary Team in Colchester To Watch Your Pets.

Our Stargate Dog & Animal Vets Colchester doctors and veterinarians have many years of expertise in pet and animal medicine, resulting in the Best Care For Your Pet. The trained staff has a range of education and interests, but above all, they are Reserved Veterinary Professionals who share a love for all animals. As pet owners ourselves, we know how hard it is when a pet becomes ill. It's our vision to assist in every way possible with skill and compassion.

Veterinarian Clinic Colchester Vermont

Veterinary Specialist in Colchester

Pets need specific care for many of the same reasons humans do. The pet may need detailed observation, an Advanced Surgery or Treatment, or they may have been diagnosed with cancer. Your primary veterinarian will suggest that your pet see a specialist. A veterinary specialist is a veterinarian who completes 3-4 years of further training, usually in the face of an internship and residency programs, after graduating from veterinary school. We have a team of specialists eager to help.

Dog Vaccines in Colchester

Certain vaccines are required by the veterinarian community because of their effectiveness against dangerous diseases. If you have ever experienced Pet Euthanasia you understand how important a healthy pet is. Stargate Dog & Animal Vets Colchester offers vaccines for dogs which are core for their health.

Colchester 24/7 Vet & Emergency Vet Near Me

Stargate Dog & Animal Vets Colchester has well equipped Emergency Veterinarians in Colchester, Vermont. Our objective is to provide an Economical Yet Excellent Treatment to all animals. You can receive skilled help with a qualified vet. At Stargate Dog & Animal Vets Colchester you can receive affordable consultations and grooming services for your pets in Colchester.

24/7 Vet Emergency Vet in Colchester

Avian Vet in Colchester

Many species of Pet Birds have a long lifespan, and most people who get a companion or aviary bird expect a long-term, worthwile relationship. Stargate Dog & Animal Vets Colchester suggests Routine Examinations For Companion Birds to promise they live a full, healthy life.

Colchester Animal Hospital Euthanasia

Making the choice to euthanize your pet can be agonizing. Euthanasia can be a blessing, especially when used correctly to stop further Agony For Your Pet and suffering for family members. Euthanasia is the procedure of inducing humane passing with little discomfort to the animal.

Colchester Specialist Reptile Pet Facilities

Stargate Dog & Animal Vets Colchester's proficiency, combined with a true enjoyment for these unique pets, enables us to provide the very Best Medical Care For Your Reptile. At Stargate Dog & Animal Vets Colchester, you can be confident that you are receiving exceptional reptile vet knowledge. Your pet will benefit from our team's specialist reptile vet care.

Spay/Neuter Vet Services in Colchester

In order to offer surgical sterilization at a Low Fee, Spay And Neuter Clinics regulate the cost of the procedure. You can obtain the services Stargate Dog & Animal Vets Colchester has to provide for your pets at an affordable price. For low-cost Vet Services, including spaying and neutering, call us today.

If it is a new occurrence then yes, we will need to examine your pet. The most important concern is your pet's health therefore a thorough examination is very important to determine the best path and treatment for your pet.
Some advanced surgical procedures can be done in association with a veterinary surgeon at Stargate Dog & Animal Vets Colchester. Our vet also has a close association with several veterinary referral hospitals across the city. If necessary, we can direct you to a recommended specialist veterinarian.
Yes, if you are ever unsure about your pet's health, feel free to contact Stargate Dog & Animal Vets Colchester for some advice regarding your pet's health. Our team cannot provide lengthy consultations or a diagnosis over the phone, but we are always happy to help in any way we can.